Multiplayer Video: Roosevelt Drumline

You be the driver on this amazing video of the Roosevelt High School Roughriders Drumline, which combines 17 different perspectives:

We asked for volunteers to join our camera crew at the Rock-It Into the Future Science Festival at Rackspace, and you didn't let us down. NOWCastSA, Girl's Inc. and Rackspace Hosting teamed up to record the Roosevelt High School Drumline's performance from as many angles as possible, and we used Switchcam to publish the first ever, multi-angle interactive video of the Roughrider Drumline! Check it out and tell us what you think. (more details below the video)

Check it out over at Switchcam and let us know what you think.


This was the third year that the RockIt Science Festival was held in the parking lot of Rackspace Hosting. Each year, the event opens with the Roosevelt Drumline marching in.
We wanted to do something different and collaborative this year, and had just stumbled across Switchcam.  So we decided to shoot the drumline from as many angles and with as many video devices as possible. 
We recruited girls from Girls Inc, a handful of people from City Year, NOWCastSA staff and volunteers, and of course, Rackers. When we called the band teacher at Roosevelt High School to tell him what we were doing, he said: "How about a drum cam?"So we added three! Yippee!!
If you watch at the beginning, you can see the drum cams being taped in place. It is stunning to see how smooth the drummers march - they're as steady as tripods!
We had a $2,000 HD JVC, a $3,500 Canon HD, a passel of Flip Cams, an iPad, iPhones and Androids - in all, 17 different views
People were perched everywhere, including two girls lying on the ground, shooting up at the Drumline with Flip Cams. Please let us know what you think in the comments area and be sure to leave your name!