In Thanksgiving: NOWCastSA is grateful for....

This Thanksgiving holiday, the NOWCastSA staff has plenty to be thankful for. Here are our top 10.

  • The Knight Foundation. What can we say? Well, we can't say enough. If not for the grant from the Knight Community Information Challenge in 2008 and then again in 2010, we wouldn't be here. Thanks for investing in innovation and for having faith in our community

  • CI:NOW. This collaborative that was formed a decade ago to "Democratize Information," contributed funds and in-kind contributions worth $438,500 to match the first Knight grant and invested another $100,000 in NOWCastSA since. Without their vision and support, NOWCastSA would not exist

  • The San Antonio Area Foundation. They helped create us and have been there for NOWCastSA since the beginning, first taking advantage of the Knight Community Information Challenge and then awarding $150,000 in grants to keep us running and growing. Thank you for supporting us! 

  • The San Antonio Library. The SAPL is home to our clubhouse. Really! Our office is right down the hall from the Texana department on the sixth floor of the Central Library. Thank you for lending us a space (and being patient as we troop in and out of the lobby with a van-load of equipment). We would be homeless without you!

  • Geeks for good. When NOWCastSA produces live webcasts we are visitors in public buildings, universities and schools across the city. Thanks to a city full of Can-Do I.T. Angels who lend a helping hand and get us a fast and stable connection on the Internet. Our extra special gratitude goes to Dago Garcia at San Antonio Independent School District and Joe, Steve and Milo at University of Texas-San Antonio Downtown!

  • News Contributors & Collaborators like you. Thank you so very much for building this community -- one event, photo, map or story at a time. Community journalists UNITE!  And it would all be for naught without our wonderfully engaged community. Thanks to you who email news tips to, view and share our webcasts, weekly newsletters and Facebook and Twitter posts. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! 

  • Rackspace Hosting. Since way back in 2009 -- even before NOWCastSA had a website -- the Rackers had our back and shared the vision. From helping us go global through a four-hour chess match to helping the city be interactive in SA2020 or by funding a spectacular webcast of Luminaria Rackspace helped us soar. Thanks to their generous donation, NOWCastSA's website and video is hosted on Rackspace Cloud Servers and Cloud Files. Thank you, Rackers!

  • The NOWCastSA Board of Directors. You may see the NOWCastSA staff working at events and producing blogs, photos, video and webcasts, but our dedicated board is cheering us on and supporting us all along the way. We are grateful to each of our board members for their support.

  • Donors. Donors are so important for this non-profit. We only have a few so far, but we are beyond grateful for the donations. Here's looking at you, Barbara Martino, Irene Burns, Bill Israel and Chuck Andrews.. Thanks so much!

  • KLRN. Every week, KLRN takes our top stories and shares them at the end of their Texas Week with Rick Casey television awesomeness. Thank you for making us look good. every. single. week!