NOWCastSA on furlough July 23-29

Due to financial restrictions, NOWCastSA will be closed Monday, June 23 through Sunday, June 29, 2014.  All staff will be on furlough, except volunteer interns working on special projects.

NOWCastSA has recently achieved amazing milestones.

NOWCastSA's webcast of First Lady Michelle Obama's visit to College Signing Day on May 2 was so popular it was cross-posted on the White House Blog and temporarily broke our site. 

NOWCastSA is on target to quadruple its donor base this year. 

After a 16-month wait, the IRS issued NOWCastSA a Letter of Determination certifying it as a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt nonprofit (NOWCastSA was tax exempt under the San Antonio Area Foundation's group exemption from 2009 to 2012 and operated under the fiscal sponsorship of the Bexar County Health Collaborative since 2013).

Our services are bigger and better than ever, and the doors have opened for new grant opportunities we did not qualify for under our previous nonprofit status.

However, NOWCastSA was asked to do fewer webcasts over the winter and spring, which meant fewer sponsorship dollars than expected. Stock market forces prompted another firm to freeze its contributions, and anticipated grant funds were not approved. The one-week furlough is intended to reduce further debt while overdue receivables come in and our fabulous board of directors work behind the scenes on fundraising efforts.

We are not ready to give up on our mission of promoting and facilitating an inclusive civic conversation when we are so close to a sustainable funding model.  We believe that NOWCastSA fills an important need in our community, and we know that you do, too. You can help NOWCastSA get back to work by making a donation today.

Here's what your donations make possible: