NOWCastSA is at it again: Help us get a camera on it!

Exciting Update: We got more than 16 cameras on the Roosevelt High School Roughriders Drumline at the Rock-It Into the Future Science Festival at Rackspace Hosting on April 6, including four (count 'em!) Drum Cams! (If you look closely at the photo on this story you can see one of the FlipCams on a drum ;-)

But we're not done yet! If you took video of the Roughrider Drumline with your mobile phone or camera it's not too late - go here to join the camera crew and upload your video - it is really easy. You can also get there by going to

NOWCastSA, Girl's Inc. and Rackspace Hosting teamed up to record the Roosevelt High School Drumline's performance from as many angles as possible, and we're using Switchcam to publish the first ever, multi-angle interactive video of the Roughrider Drumline!

We were delighted that Roosevelt High School Band Director Marshall Smith suggested we put cameras on people and drums in the drumline, and we got four fabulous angles, two from drums and two on people!

The crew also included Girls Inc. MVPs Hailey Mendez, Elyse Charles and Elizabeth Faudoa; City Year volunteers Aimee Sunderlin, Gina Quatcrochi, Dan Howard, Joey Rivera and Sarah Flores; Team NOWCastSA's Andrew Delgado, Clayton Price, Charlotte-Anne Lucas and volunteer Bill Waldrop.

Go to this  quick easy link to add your video and be part of the crew.

If you just want to see the what comes out of this wacky tech-experiment, click here to follow the project and be notified when the video is uploaded. We will also share the video right here on this page when it is complete.

And if you just can't wait, here's what the drumline looked and sounded like at the 2011 Rock-It Into the Future Science Festival, shot by NOWCastSA Managing Director C-A Lucas on her trusty Nokia N-95: