Register your kids for UTSA's science, technology, engineering and math summer camps

Looking for ways to keep your kids active and learning over the summer? The University of Texas at San Antonio's Interactive Technology Experience Center (iTEC) offers a variety of weeklong summer camps for Kindergarten through twelfth grade children from June 10 through August 16.

Held at UTSA's main campus, camps at each grade level vary and include explorations in robotics, microbiology, human biology, geology, magical science, food chemistry, aviation, weather, forensics, biomedical and even rollercoasters.

Here are a few camp highlights:

  • Mysterious Science (grades K-2): In this mystifying iTEC camp, we will be showing you the smoke, the mirrors, and the man behind the curtain. Your little magician will learn how optical illusions work and to make fun potions. Hold on to your top hat and bring your wands (please leave your rabbit at home!) while we make science magical and reveal magic through science. Learn that what many might believe is “magic” can really be explained with modern sciences. Impress your friends with your new knowledge of the world.
  • Forensics (grades 3-5): DNA makes us all unique, so forensics takes the pieces of the “human” puzzle like fingerprints, skin, teeth, and hair to solve unique mysteries! Forensics class participants will gather evidence, learn forensic science techniques, and employ the scientific method to be a “crime scene investigator.” They will learn about different disciplines within the field, such as forensic anthropology, odontology, entomology, pathology, biology, and criminalistics like fingerprinting and footwear analysis. Get a clue...about science!
  • ThrillVentures! (grades 6-8): Join iTEC's engineering team for a wild, heart-racing adventure as we build a miniature roller coaster! Learn the physics behind steep inclines and death-defying loops while understanding the mechanics of how roller coasters work. Hang on to your seats, it's sure to be a wild ride!
  • Green City Challenge (grades 9-12): The Green City is a beautiful and prosperous city, with many ideas for creating a perfect environment for families and businesses. Years of hard work have gone into developing the Green City’s waste disposal system and sources of renewable energy to secure a sustainable future. Your mission will be to build and program a NXT robot that can collect as many of the Dilithium Crystals as possible and use them to energize the Green City.


The demand for jobs in high-tech, STEM-related areas has grown significantly in the past 20 years and is expected to continue growing in the future. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, STEM careers are some of the best paying of occupations and also have the greatest potential for job growth.

ITEC's mission is to inspire youth by creating an environment where they can understand how engineering, science and technology shape our lives and the future of our world. Its focus areas include robotics, telecommunications, rapid prototyping, programming and various applications of science and engineering.

Costs vary by camp. For details, camp schedules and to register your child, visit the UTSA iTEC website at