Rehome program links pet owners with new technology

San Antonio pet owners who find themselves faced with the difficult decision to find a new home for their beloved pets now have a caring helping hand thanks to Rehome, a new and free online pet adoption program by and the Petco Foundation.

Rehome, an innovative and ground-breaking service developed by, North America’s largest non-profit adoptable pet search engine, and its collaborator, the Petco Foundation, will make its first public introduction in the Alamo City before being rolled out nationally, officials announced during a press event April 4 at the Petco store on Austin Highway. is a charity on a mission to help homeless pets find loving homes. The organization has, for many years, been focused on providing support to its network of over 17,000 animal shelters and rescues across the U.S. and Canada—getting the pets in their care seen by the millions of adopters who search for their new best friend on each month.

Thanks to the Petco Foundation, is now able to extend that support directly to pet owners who can no longer keep their pets. The service is free to owners seeking to rehome their pets, and adopters pay a small adoption fee with 100 percent donated to an animal shelter or rescue of the original owner’s choosing.

“Rehoming a beloved companion animal can be an extremely stressful, and emotionally devastating, experience,” says Abbie Moore, Executive Director of “Our first priority is to help the owner keep their pet. If that’s out of the question, we’re here to hold the owner’s hand throughout the process and make sure that they have every tool available to them to help find their pet a new loving family.”

Rehome by and the Petco Foundation provides those people needing to find their pet a new home with an easy way to directly connect with the millions of potential adopters each month. A pet going from one home directly to its new home is definitely the right thing for that pet, plus it lessens the burden on the animal shelters throughout the country reducing the number of animals in their care, and allowing them to focus their precious resources on saving lives.

“This new innovative technology is a win for everyone involved, owners needing help, pets, adopters and animal shelters throughout the country; and we are proud to join forces with to make this happen,” said Susanne Kogut, Petco Foundation’s Executive Director. “At the Petco Foundation we believe that when we develop solutions and empower communities to participate and help, we will create lifesaving communities everywhere and assure every that pet has a loving home.”

Through Rehome, pet owners can visit and create a profile for their pet with photos, video, and information about the pet’s personality, behavior, and health. “When pet owners use the Rehome tool, their pets appear on, where they can be seen by millions of people looking to adopt pets,” Moore said. “Our goal is to prevent pets from being relinquished to shelters. Rehome by and Petco Foundation directly addresses an actual need faced by the millions of pet owners who must find new homes for their beloved animals.”

Pet owners who need to place their pet up for adoption can visit to create a profile and learn more.

**Cover Image: Rehome by and Petco Foundation is a new, free online service for pet owners who need to find new homes for their pets. Courtesy Image, Rehome.