At Urban-15 Seniors dance their way to healthier living

Submitted by saafdn on July 29, 2011 - 3:01pm
We all know seniors need to stay active to stay healthy. And, dancing is a creative exercise. So, Urban-15 Group put the two together to form their Hot Hot Hot Latin dance class. Lead by Catherine Cisneros, Urban-15’s Artistic Director, the Latin dance class teaches the fundamentals of Latin dance, fitness and performance. “It allows them to develop confidence, articulation, posture, and public presentation,” said George Cisneros, who serves as Music and Media Director. “With practice, participants can expect to see improvement in strength, flexibility, coordination, rhythm, and energy.”
On a recent visit, Catherine Cisneros told Area Foundation staff, “We created a specific soundtrack for this class. Using the same music for each class allows participants to become familiar with the sound of the beats and become comfortable with the different movements required of the class.” The free Latin dance class takes place twice a week on Tuesday and Thursdays at the URBAN-15 studio located at 2500 South Presa Street.
URBAN-15 is a San Antonio-based nonprofit arts group whose mission is to produce original works that satisfy the community’s needs to experience artistic excellence by creating educational programs, events, and performances dedicated to music, movement, and media. Urban-15 recently received a $7,500 grant from the Dan and Gloria Oppenheimer Fund of the San Antonio Area Foundation to help fund a project to integrate internet-streaming services as part of the Cultivation Project in order to provide outreach services to a larger community. CULTIVATION is URBAN-15's flagship Arts Education program which began as a youth program in music and movement and two years ago expanded to include the hearing-impaired and senior citizens. 
Please watch the video below where the expression is movement and emotion.

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