Indian community of San Antonio celebrates holiday of Uttarayan

Dozens of kites could be seen flying through the sky Saturday, Jan. 14 at Leon Valley's Rimkus Park. But it wasn't just the beautiful weather that encouraged families to spend their day outdoors  - it was the Indian holiday of Uttarayan.

About 100 San Antonians came out to celebrate the traditional Hindu holiday and watched the colorful festivities.

Uttarayan is traditionally celebrated on Jan. 14 in India. It is the day when the sun starts to travel north, marking the start of summer. In India, people fly kites on their rooftops and terraces to commemorate the day. 
The BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir organization of San Antonio put on the kite festival Saturday, Jan. 14. People of all ages made kites from wood, paper and string that flew high on a blue Texas sky.
Check out this slideshow of the Uttarayan Kite Festival: