Spare Parts 5th Annual Fine Arts Fair

Submitted by lcarter on June 29, 2015 - 5:32pm

Spare materials make more art.

The spare parts annual Fine Arts Fair centers on making available supplies and materials for creative reuse. This is the fifth year teachers and artists will have access to an eclectic mix of materials PLUS lesson plans that ignite creativity in classrooms, art projects or workshops. Donated items are collected from numerous business, organizations and individuals and sorted into categories by spare parts volunteers. Registration is $5, limited to 100 individuals. The deadline for registration is July 24th or until capacity. 

The Texas Cultural Trust (TCT) 2015 State of the Arts Report details evidence of how the arts help children learn, and that engaging in the arts increases graduation rates. Even so, support for the arts in public schools has decreased over the years. The Texas legislative budgets continues to cut funding for the “luxury” courses. Brooke Cru, a reporter for stated it this way: “In Texas, the predominance of high-stakes testing (STAAR) has further overshadowed the need for arts education.”

Making art is good for your brain. Making art with creative reuse is good for the environment.

Understanding an opportunity for a dual approach to the problem, Mary Elizabeth Cantú founded spare parts in 2011. Her idea of--providing cultural and environmental sustainability, affordability and accessibility to the arts through education—has led spare parts to become San Antonio's leader in creative reuse education. To further its mission, Cantú became a certified Master Reuser under the Reuse Institute—the first person in San Antonio to earn this designation.

A huge thank you to Wonderland of the Americas Mall for donating space again this year. “We are honored to have hosted this event for the past three years here in the Balcones Heights community,” said Victoria Hernandez, Marketing Director for Wonderland of the Americas. “Just like spare parts, we believe in helping the now and future community of youths so they can experience creativity and express themselves. It’s wonderful to see teachers come together during the summer vacation each year to collect items to engage their students in the classroom.”

Imagine art—help save the planet

You are invited engage with spare parts in the following ways:

  • Donate items for the materials giveaway. List of accepted items and collection times
  • Volunteer to help receive and sort donations.
  • Spread the word to any teacher or artist friends.
  • Attend the July 31st event: visit the resource tables, make art inspired by creative reuse and view the award-winning MINI ART MUSEUM’s newest exhibition..
  • Donate funds or sponsor spare parts activities. We are great at giving you or your business sponsorship exposure.

Thanks to our current event sponsors: San Antonio Mission Trail Rotary; Medusa, the SalonCowboy KennelsScobey Moving & Storage10BitWorks HackerspaceWonderland of the Americas Mall