Spring has sprung - so watch out for the heat

With spring in the air, temperatures in south Texas can climb high quickly. With winter behind, people are not acclimated yet to deal with high degrees. Temperatures this week have reached above average readings and the San Antonio Metropolitan Health District (Metro Health) notifies the community to take precautions against increasing heat.

Excessive heat events are common in the San Antonio area and south Texas. These events are public health threats because they often increase the number of daily deaths and nonfatal adverse health outcomes in affected populations.

Additionally, even during milder spring days, temperatures can rise fast inside a vehicle. Parents and caregivers are reminded about the dangers of heatstroke in young children and are encouraged to:                

  • Never leave a child in a vehicle unattended;
  • Make it a habit to look in the backseat every time you exit the car
  • Always lock the car and put the keys out of reach. If you ever see a child left alone in a hot vehicle, call 911 right away.


Warning signs of heatstroke include: red, hot, and moist or dry skin, no sweating, a strong rapid pulse or a slow weak pulse, nausea, confusion or acting strangely. If a child exhibits any of these signs after being in a hot vehicle, cool the child rapidly (not an ice bath but by spraying them with cool water or with a garden hose). Call 911 or you local emergency number immediately.

Metro Health’s heat plan follows the national weather service levels. The format resembles a countdown, with Level IV stating a normal/routine condition and Level I representing a maximum readiness/excessive heat warning. The heat plan provides information on how individuals can prepare for, prevent, recognize, and cope with heat-related health problems. Additionally, the plan provides a list of local agencies which will furnish heat-related assistance during extreme heat weather conditions. We encourage individuals to share this plan with anyone who might utilize this information. We are currently at level 4.  Click here to access the heat plan.

Community members can contact the National Weather Service for the most current weather conditions at 830-606-3617 or visit www.weather.gov/sanantonio for current hourly weather.

Replay a NOWCastSA video about how to be safe in the heat below: