Support NOWCastSA during The Big Give S.A.

UPDATE: Due to technical difficulties with the giving website, The Big Give S.A. has bee rescheduled to 6 a.m. - 8 p.m. Wednesday, March 4.

Hundreds of charities from across South Central Texas are asking for donations and competing for prizes during The Big Give S.A. We need your help to stand out so we can raise $20,000!

NOWCastSA had a cool fundraising strategy planned for March 3 that didn't turn out as planned.  Today The Big Give S.A. announced a revised challenge prize schedule, so we have a new plan that might turn your donation into a $7,500 prize for NOWCastSA!

All you need to do is donate at least $10 at this link ( before 8 p.m. The organization in the Civil Rights, Social Action, Advocacy, and Civic Engagement category that brings in the highest number of gifts will receive a $7,500 prize -- so give now and help us win big!


Why May 3?

May 3, 2016 is The Big Give S.A., a 24-hour day of giving supported by amazing organizations that will give prizes to charities just for raising money.  It’s kind of like Christmas for nonprofits: It’s the only day a year where we can get free money to support our mission, but we can only win prizes with the help of you and 399 of our friends.

Why $20,000?

The website desperately needs to upgrade from Drupal 6 to Drupal 8 to resolve some serious PHP compatibility issues that are plaguing the site.  In short: It’s broken, we need to fix it, and that’s how much it is going to cost.

Why 400 people?

Most of the Big Give Challenge Prizes NOWCastSA is eligible to win are awarded based on the number of individuals who donate online during the event. Based on last year’s results, the NOWCastSA team is confident that if we can recruit 400 people to donate on May 3, we will reach our fundraising goal of $20,000 AND win at least one challenge prize.

Why Support NOWCastSA?

NOWCastSA is your community media.  It is San Antonio’s oldest online-only nonprofit news site and the most trusted local journalism organization that brings you the news you can use without divisive rhetoric or ugly clickbait.

We recently surveyed our users to find out what NOWCastSA is doing well, and this is what you had to say:

If you'd like to know more about our fundraising strategy and website woes, you can learn all about it here.

If you have ideas, suggestions or comments about our plan to raise $20,000 from 400 donors during The Big Give S.A, please let us know at!