Temple Beth-El hosts memorial for 11 Jewish people killed in Pittsburgh hate crime

Memorial Service at Temple Beth-El for Jewish shooting victims

Hundreds of people attended a Jewish Community Memorial gathering in San Antonio Oct. 30 in remembrance of the 11 people killed during a mass shooting, where they were targeted in a hate crime due to their religion. (scroll down to replay complete video of the event)

The shooting happened Oct. 27, 2018 in Pittsburgh at the Tree of Life Congregation Synagogue, where the gunman was eventually taken into custody after exchanging gunfire with police.

During the San Antonio memorial, Rabbi Mara Nathan said the Temple Beth-El synagogue was being opened to all people, including religious leaders from many faiths, civic leaders, and Mayor Ron Nirenberg.

Nathan said, “Your presence here tonight reminds us there’s more good than evil in the world. Your presence here tonight assures us we have more allies than enemies. Your presence here tonight comforts us, for at our greatest moments of loss, Jewish tradition commands us, we must not be alone.”

Nirenberg also spoke, saying the “rising tide” of anti-semitism and racism in the country are not new, but can be overcome through love and compassion.

“The loss of life in a place of worship is a horrific reminder of the consequences of dangerous rhetoric,” he said.

Watch the service in its entirety below. Video courtesy of the Temple Beth-El synagogue.