Texas County website review finds only 43 percent of adequate election information

The League of Women Voters of Texas released a review of election information available on official county websites today.

Elaine Wiant, President of the Texas League said, "Although almost three-fourths of county websites included election information, only 20 percent provided even minimally adequate and current voter ID information."

The deadline to register to vote for the Nov. 8 general election is Oct. 11. With less than two months to the election, it is critical that Texas voters have the important information they need about voter registration and the new voter ID requirements for the general election.

Grace Chimene, a member of the Texas League Board of Directors, who oversaw the review said, "Texas voters should be able to find voter election information easily. Since counties run elections, the county election website is the most reasonable place to find the information Texas voters need. We hope that this survey will provide counties with helpful feedback."

With the deadline for voter registration on Oct. 11 less than two months away; the study was undertaken during the last two weeks of August to assess the online availability and adequacy of election information on official county websites in Texas.

Summary of Result

  • 182 of the 254 (72 percent) counties in Texas had a website that provided election information. Twelve counties had no official website.
  • Among the 242 counties with websites, it was relatively easy to find election and/or voter registration information at 159 (66 percent) of the websites.
  • 87 of the 242 (36 percent) county websites provided at least minimally adequate election information.
  • 49 (20 percent) provided at least minimally adequate voter ID information
  • 134 of the county websites (55 percent) provided a link to election-related information on one of two Texas Secretary of State websites.
  • 39 of the county websites (16 percent)  provided election and voter ID information in Spanish or a link to the Secretary of State Spanish language website.
  • Considering the six criteria overall, 105 county websites (43 percent) provided at least adequate election and voter ID information. In addition, 16 county websites (7 percent) provided a link to a League of Women Voters website 


The survey questions were: Does the county have a website page that displays election information? How easy is it to find election information? How adequate is the election information?How adequate is voter ID information? Is a link to the Secretary of State website provided? Is election information and voter ID information provided in Spanish?

The League commends the Office of the Texas Secretary of State for providing educational resources related to military and overseas voters, voter ID, and other informational pamphlets on voters with special needs and early voting found at www.VoteTexas.gov/resources/. The study also provides recommendations for both the Secretary of State and the county election officials to improve election and voter identification information on their websites.

Thirteen county websites were rated "Outstanding" for providing excellent election and voter ID information. These counties included both Dallas and Travis counties as well as DeWitt County and Bastrop County. The other "Outstanding" county websites are: Brazos, Denton, Grimes, Hays, Jefferson, Lubbock, Refugio, Waller, and Williamson counties. The League of Women Voters of Texas will present the "Outstanding" and "Honorable Mention" counties with certificates to recognize this accomplishment and service to their community.

The complete study is available on the League's website at http://www.lwvtexas.org/Voter_Rights_Election_Laws.html . Individual county results are included in the Appendix available at the same link.


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