TracysDogs finds Colorado homes for San Antonio rescue dogs

Submitted by TracysDogs on March 11, 2013 - 1:56pm

TracysDogs, a national dog rescue and transport nonprofit, has scheduled a Tandem Adoption Event with PetSmart at the Boulder and Glendale, Colo. stores Saturday, March 16 through Sunday, March 17, 2013.

“TracysDogs’ single focus has been, and always will be, to save highly-adoptable dogs at killshelters and find them the best and most compatible homes possible, wherever that may be,” said Co-Founder Tracy Voss. “Colorado is an extraordinary and pet-friendly place; the people have enormous hearts, a sincere respect for their dogs, and consider pets true members of the family. We’re always excited about adoption events in Colorado.”

TracysDogs conducted five events and placed 111 dogs into Colorado forever-homes during 2012. “The dogs we bring to PetSmart are safe – we rescue them 30-90 days before the event in order to socialize each and provide those in need with veterinary care and good nutrition,” noted Scott Whyatt, Co-Founder and Executive Director. “The most important aspect of what we do is that each adoption frees up space at our 5-acre rescue for another dog. If we adopt 40 dogs, we pull 40 more from kill shelters as soon as we get home.”

Tracysdogs saved more than 500 dogs and placed them in 17 states across the country in 2012. This year TracysDogs will add Seattle; Portland, Ore.; Fargo, N.D.; Bozeman, Mont.; Madison, Wis.; Minneapolis, and the suburbs of Chicago to the schedule.

Beyond just adoption events, TracysDogs also transports dogs to new homes via an extensive network of volunteer drivers and private pilots. “If the right family is willing to open their hearts and their home to one of our dogs, we will find a way to get a dog to them,” said Voss. “Our dogs don’t have birth certificates or drivers’ licenses – they know no boundaries and neither does TracysDogs. Adoptable dogs that wind up in kill shelters through no fault of their own deserve the best home we can find them. It’s not more complicated than that.”

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