Urgent donation request for Mission Trails residents

Our Casas Resident Council is making an urgent request for donations to assist the remaining Mission Trails residents in locating housing that is permanently affordable and safe from further displacement. Thirty residents, including 15 children, currently face the possibility of homelessness.

In May 2014, the Mission Trails Mobile Home Community was rezoned to allow White-Conlee Builders to construct apartments at that site, which had become very valuable because of the Mission Reach redevelopment project. The park was sold in July 2014. Pressed for time and in need of financial assistance, most residents took the developer's early move-out incentives of less than $5,000 per family and left by October 2014.

However, there are still seven families remaining in the park, even as the developers begin to clear the land for construction. Since development began, there have been numerous health and safety violations that have created dangerous conditions at the park. The remaining families have been unable to move even with the incentives that have been offered. They have been working with both the city and local organizations to identify housing options, but there is still a gap between what they have been offered by the developers and what they need to make these options possible. None of them want to move to another mobile home park. They want homes that are safe, affordable, and most importantly, free from the threat of further relocation and displacement.

To make this happen, community supporters have been working tirelessly to identify other resources within the city, the county, and the community that can be used to cover things like:

  • down payment assistance and closing costs on a non-mobile home/house
  • obtaining land
  • keeping their mobile home
  • mobile home transport
  • storage rental
  • temporary lodging


Our goal is $50,000--$5,000 for each remaining family.

The situation is more dire than ever before. Thirty residents,including 15 children, the youngest of whom is 8 months old, are currently facing homelessness. The developer is offering a little money, but it is just not enough for them to relocate in a way that is just and dignified. Please help support these families and circulate this call for support with your family, friends, neighborhood association, church, PTA, or wherever!
You can also support by contacting the Mayor and other city officials to meet with residents. 

All funds donated will be collected and administered by Our Casas Resident Council, a 501(c)(3) organization that assists very low-income families in obtaining secure and affordable housing. They have been working closely with the Mission Trails residents on obtaining houses or land.

Note that there is a 10 percent service fee to donate online, but you can opt out of it. If you want to drop off donations in person, email Our Casas at ourcasas@stic.net or call (210) 354-2400 to make a pledge.