Video: City Council District 2 Forum in Mahncke Park

How do the four candidates for City Council District 2 feel about Neighborhood Conservation Districts, Infill Development Zoning, the city’s S.A. Tomorrow comprehensive plan, affordable housing, threats of increasing gentrification, and preserving a community surrounded by increasing growth?

The Mahncke Park Neighborhood Association hosted a community forum involving incumbent Councilman Alan Warrick, and his challengers — William “Cruz” Shaw, Dori Brown and former Councilman Keith Toney, on March 21, 2017, at the Lions Field clubhouse. Thanks to support from the Mahncke Park Neighborhood Association, you can watch videos of the full forum below. 

Scroll down below two see two videos. The first video contains opening statements from each of the candidates.



The second video features the rest of the forum. Viewers can watch all of the candidates' responses below.


See the questions and get a link to go straight to the candidates’ answer.

  • Question 1: What is your plan to focus city's efforts on protecting the community & neighborhood conservation district?


Cruz Shaw: Reach out to neighborhood leaders and ensured community is protected, part of process, not buy into any and all developments -

Alan Warrick: Filed Council Consideration Request proposes review of NCDs to strengthen regulations --

Dori Brown: Residents must take stock in value of their neighborhood; I'll note and share your concerns -

Keith Toney: Residents should have a bigger say in what their NCD looks like -


  • Question 2: What is your vision of Midtown region in SA Tomorrow plan?


Alan Warrick: City is inviting MP to change its neighborhood comprehensive plan, if inclined -

Dori Brown: City did not get enough residential input in forming SA Tomorrow; let's be more proactive -

Keith Toney: City should've gotten neighborhoods' input up front -

Cruz Shaw: SA Tomorrow is an ongoing process; residents must be educated & involved -


  • Question 3: How do you feel about Infill Development Zoning and its use in NCDs?


Dori Brown: Zoning that allows incompatible development is a disservice -

Keith Toney: I'm not anti-development but do it right -

Cruz Shaw: Some developers have used loopholes in IDC, which shouldn't be in neighborhoods -

Alan Warrick: City is working to address IDC loopholes -


  • Question 4: How do we make sure city employees are knowledgeable of guidelines affecting zoning, development, other growth management tools?


Keith Toney: City employees are one thing, but another problem are political appointees on zoning, planning commissions. -

Cruz Shaw: We should have appointees who want to serve community, not personal/political interests. -

Alan Warrick: Council is helping ensuring that neighborhoods are ignored. -

Dori Brown: Communication is vital among the city, its representatives, residents; more community involvement needed. -


  • Question 5: How do we ensure affordable housing in neighborhood in face of growth?

Cruz Shaw: It's a property rights issue; must be creative to have right rates/prices & density projects -

Alan Warrick: Work with developers to build right type of project in right area -

Dori Brown: Every neighborhood's level of affordability is different -

Keith Toney: Must delineate between developers' rights & property rights; neighborhoods must be able to preserve, assert themselves -


  • Question 6: What changes have been proposed to improved NDCs (or how would you strengthen them)?

Alan Warrick: Front-facing garages, density on a lot, whether IDC should be in historic dists or NDCs -

Cruz Shaw: NCDs must have greater say in development process -


  • Question 7: How do we face threats of gentrification?

Dori Brown: Should make positive changes in community but protect long-time residents; ensure everybody is communicating -

Keith Toney: Rising tax appraisals and developer speculation are pricing many people out of their homes -

Cruz Shaw: We should address tax appraisals; the fix must be strategic and smart -

Alan Warrick: Any kind of tax reform should be applied to NCD reform -


  • Question 8: Why isn't Mahncke Park considered part of the same D2 "community"? What defines neighborhood?


Cruz Shaw: There is a disconnect in D2, but D2 is diverse; all D2 residents should have leadership for all. -

Alan Warrick: City, my office does what it can to empower D2 resident, ensure there are shared values. -

Dori Brown: Just want to make sure all residents have a voice, regardless of neighborhood or issue -

Keith Toney: Decision on Commonwealth Coffeehouse (rejected initial zoning) was based on info on hand at time; I had duty to go by rules to protect neighborhood's best interest. -

Closing statements: