Video: District 8 Kids' Town Hall at Oak Meadow Elementary

District 8 Councilman Ron Nirenberg hosted the latest in a series of Kids' Town Hall meetings on Nov. 18 at Oak Meadow Elementary School.

Coucilman Ron Nirenberg with Oak Meadow Elementary

The fifth grade students presented problems and solutions on a variety of topics.

One team suggested using more solar power to cut down on use of fossil fuels, which launched a conversation about alternative energy sources.

Another team said too many people were cutting down trees, which provide oxygen and shade. When they proposed preventing people from cutting down trees, the class had an engaging conversation about private property rights versus the public good.

Another team said the community needs more trees and parks to make cleaner air, healthy places to exercise, a prettier city and more wildlife.

The last team were concerned about the number of cars speeding. They proposed more speed bumps and more radar systems, and concluded their presentation with a song about speeding.

Thanks to the sponsorship support of Councilman Nirenberg, you can replay video of the town hall below. The entire presentation was accompanied by Sign Language interpreters.

“I want students to feel inspired by the work that is being done by their local representatives but also feel emboldened to share their own voices, bring their own solutions to the table and become active members of their communities,” Nirenberg said. “This is what drives our democracy forward and also what helps me do my job well.” 

The Kids’ Town Hall meetings are tied to a “community academy” initiative meant to draw input from a wide range of constituents on policy issues.

And check out this performance of The Best Day of My Life by The Oak Meadow Elementary Sign Language Club: