Developer incentives approved after private meetings with developers and no public hearings

San Antonio City Council approved a measure Dec. 13 that would reward developers for building housing as expensive as $360,000, after city staff spent months in private meetings with for profit and nonprofit developers, but did not hold a single public hearing.

What could possibly go wrong? These exclusive videos show what your neighbors think of the plan that was wrritten without public input:


The new policy passed by an 8-2 vote on Dec. 12, 2018.

In her dissent, District 7 Councilwoman Ana Sandoval said: "I made a promise to my constituents that they would have a voice .. I think having public engagement is really key to earning that trust and keeping it...And I'm going to keep it."

In hiis dissent, District 4 Councilman Rey SaldaƱa said, "This just feels too much like inside baseball. Like we're telling our constituents, 'We know better. Just trust us.' "