Video: Fredericksburg Road Community Meeting

Westside Development Corporation brought community leaders together on July 26, 2016 to talk about the present and the future the Lower Fredericksburg Road Corridor.

Leonard B. Rodriguez, President and CEO of Westside Development Corp, shared an economic analysis by St. Mary’s University professor and economist Steve Nivin, looking at the existing conditions and the potential for Fredericksburg Road, a key artery in San Antonio. (replay the video below to see the presentation)

Then  Rodriguez asked people in the audience how the Fredericksburg Corridor could be improved and which projects the community wants WDC to support in San Antonio’s 2017 bond package.

He said WDC's list of improvements came from the Fredericksburg Road Coordinating Committe and includes: narrowing the roadway from four lanes to two, restoring parallel parking on the street, lighting the sidewalks, burying utility lines, more acquisition of land for parking, increased bicycle infrastructure and improved trailway connectivity with Martinez Creek, Alazan Creek and Woodlawn Lake Area.

Replay the full video here: