Video: Martin Luther King’s Economic Bill of Rights

Martin Luther King’s final and unfinished crusade was his Economic Bill of Rights, also known as the Poor People’s Campaign.

The five requirements were:

1. A meaningful job at a living wage for every employable citizen.
2. A secure and adequate income for all who cannot find jobs or for whom employment is inappropriate.
3. Access to land as a means to income and livelihood.
4. Access to capital as a means of full participation in the economic life of America.
5. Recognition by law of the right of people affected by government programs to play a truly significant role in determining how they are designed and carried out.

The goal was “a decent life for all poor people so that they will control their own destiny,” King wrote in 1968. “This will cost billions of dollars, but the richest nation of all time can afford to spend this money if America is to avoid social disaster.”

During San Antonio’s Dream Week 2016,  the Texas Association of African American Chambers of Commerce presented a panel discussion at Café Commerce on King’s last fight. The panel was moderated  by Christopher Herring, Chairman of the TAAACC, Charles O’Neil,TAAACC President; India Woodington, President of Future CEO of America; Attorney Charlotte Key, President of the Collin County Black Chamber and Joseph Kenney, President of Employment First SA.

Here is a link to the economic bill of rights:

Here is a link to Poor People’s Campaign Brochure: