Video: Peace Laureate Wisdom about Prejudice in the World

The San Antonio peaceCENTER hosted a conversation about Prejudice in Our World Today, featuring Peace Laureates Rosie Castro, Rabbi Samuel and Lynn Stahl, Sr. Teresa Maya and Imam Omar Shakir.

The conversation on Feb. 26, 2015 was held at the Whitley Center at Oblate School of Theology and was free and open to the public. The Peace Laureates were asked to give their wisdom in conversation about ways to talk about prejudice while being honest and compassionate. 

The event was part of the Living Room Conversation Project

"We live with the dysfunction of partisan behaviors and believe we must and can do better. We have faith in the good will, intelligence and power of citizens. It is time to rebuild respectful civil discourse while embracing our core shared values. Adversarial solutions will not create the solutions to the big challenges we face this century. We must learn to engage in collaborative problem solving - holding the tension of our differences while working together with respect and an open heart we can create solutions that are better than any group alone could devise."

You can replay video of the conversation here: