Video: What can be built on the vacant lot next door?

The Tier 1 Neighborhood Coalition sponsored a seminar on the proposed zoning ordinance that would govern so-called "infill development" or projects built on vacant or abandoned lots. Scroll down to watch complete video of the event.

Representatives from 22 neighborhoods across six council districts attended the event.

The seminar on June 16, 2018 at Lift Fund, was the first preview of the proposed Infill Development Zoning (IDZ) ordinance by the IDZ Taskforce.

The presentation came from San Antonio's Development Services Administrator Catherine Hernandez and San Antonio's Principal Planner, Logan Sparrow.

The presentation was designed to help neighborhood leaders become knowledgeable about the changes that will impact their neighborhood.

Infill zoning is considered one of the most important issues for the future of neighborhoods, because many have experienced incompatible infill projects.


  • A Brief Background: How neighborhood issues with current IDZ create a Council Consideration Request (CCR) and the IDZ Taskforce.
  • IDZ-1, IDZ-2 and IDZ-3: How the proposed IDZ addresses neighborhood concerns with current infill development.
  • R-1 and R-2: New residential zoning applied as an alternative to IDZ for single family development.
  • MXD: Mixed Use District Zoning and how it impacts your neighborhood.
  • New Zoning Ordinances and New Land Use Categories: How are they interrelated?