Video: What do Land Use changes mean for your neighborhood?

Tier One Neighborhood Coalition members met to learn about proposed changes to San Antonio's Land Use categories. More than 40 people from about 22 neighborhoods came to the meeting at San Antonio College.

As part of the SA Tomorrow Comprehensive Plan, city planners have proposed new land use categories that they say should be applied consistently, across the city.

But advocates from the older, urban neighborhoods say the some of the proposed categories for residential areas would allow much higher density and multi-story buildings inconsistent even with the multi-family dwellings already in the areas.

During the July 21 meeting, Coalition co-founder Cynthia Spielman urged neighborhood representatives to carefully study how the new categories would affect their areas.

Before the City Council votes on the land use changes, District 1 Councilman Roberto TreviƱo has promised to hold workshops for neighborhood residents in conjunction with the San Antonio American Institute of Architects.

Watch the full video here and scroll down for links to more documents and background material.

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