The 3rd Annual Health and the Built Environment Conference

On Friday, Nov. 13, 2015 NOWCastSA recorded video of Health and the Built Environment: Leveraging a More Livable SA, a conference presented by San Antonio Metropolitan Health District.

Thanks to the underwriting support of Methodist Healthcare Ministries of South Texas, Inc., anyone can replay video later right here on this page.

Watch a playlist of the following sessions below:

Opening Remarks: Vincent Nathan, Ph.D., Director, San Antonio Metropolitan Health District

Vision Zero: A Resident’s Perspective: Cathy Tuttle, Executive Director, Seattle Greenways. The healthiest, most livable communities in the country are those with a history of strong resident advocacy and connectedness between residents and government agencies. This session explores how San Antonio can take the Vision Zero campaign seriously through all stakeholders in the city, and create a lasting impact for future generations to enjoy a built environment that is conducive to health.

Planning for a Healthy Tomorrow: John Dugan; Terry Bellamy; Doug Melnick. This session will explore SA Tomorrow: San Antonio’s comprehensive, multi-modal transportation and sustainability plan for the future, specifically focusing on the aspects that are critical in improving public health.

Food and the Built Environment: Inspiring Change at All Levels: Len Trevino, Moderator; Edwin Marty; Julie La Barba, MD. This session explores the role a local government can play in ensuring a healthy and sustainable food system, and will challenge participants to inspire change in all food environments.

Affordable Neighborhoods: Judit Vega, Moderator; Carol Rodriguez; Christopher Lazaro. This session looks beyond affordable housing strategies in order to address the root challenge: affordable living for all residents in livable neighborhoods.

Mayor Ivy Taylor: How public policy affects the built environment and public health.

Lean, Green Past • Lean, Green Future: Steven Nivin, PhD, Moderator; Steven Land Tillotson; Jeff Crane, PhD. This session explores San Antonio’s rich past and exciting future in terms of healthy, local & sustainable food; a vibrant, culturally relevant sense of place; a lack of bureaucratic red tape; grassroots economic empowerment; and a low ecological footprint in order to become the most livable city in the U.S.

Livable & Affordable Neighborhoods: A Real Estate Developer’s Perspective – Robert Chapman, Founding and Managing Director, Traditional Neighborhood Development Partners, LLC.
The majority of the built environment is formed through the private sector. This session looks at the realities of the built environment from a holistic perspective to ask a simple question: how can we leverage a more livable and affordable city.

The New Urban Techover: Roberto Treviño; Mitch Hagney; Steven Quintanilla; Peter French. How urban environments are being transformed by technology, and what this means for the future.

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