Webcast: ClarityCon 2017 Children's Mental Health Summit

Join NOWCastSA for the webcast of ClarityCon2017, Clarity Child Guidance Center's summit on children's mental health at Norris Conference Center June 15 and 16, 2017.
The webcast and video recording were made possible thanks to sponsorship from the San Antonio Department of Human Services through the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration-funded Bexar CARES child mental health program.
The following sessions are available to watch live and replay any time right here on this page:
The Keynote address, Self-Compassion for Mental Health Professionals: How to Care for Others without Losing Ourselves. Speaker Kristin D. Neff, Ph.D, is an associate professor at University of Texas at Austin and research pioneer in self-compassion. Her book, Self-Compassion, and the documentary “The Horse Boy,” chronicle her son’s journey with autism, horses and healing.
The Luncheon address, Perfect Chaos - A Daughter's Journey to Survive Bipolar, A Mother's Struggle to Save Her. Linea and Cinda Johnson, EdD, a mother daughter team, wrote the book Perfect Chaos, about a daughter’s journey to surviving bipolar disorder and a mother’s struggle to save her. Linea, a graduate from Seattle University, is a national speaker and writer, advocating for people with mental illness. Cinda is a professor and director of the special education graduate program at Seattle University. Cinda will focus her presentation on Linea’s bipolar disorder and how she struggled to save her daughter.
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Perfect Chaos: