Webcast: Community Conversation on Children's Mental Health

Replay video: On Aug. 11, NOWCastSA webcast the Community Conversation on Children’s Mental Health hosted by Clarity Child Guidance Center, One in Five Minds and the Health Collaborative.

Thanks to underwriting from Methodist Healthcare Ministries, you can replay the video any time right here on this page:

Even If you can’t attend the event at John Paul Stevens High School in San Antonio,  you can watch and participate in the conversation right here on this page, thanks to underwriting from Methodist Healthcare Ministries.

One in five children experiences a mental, emotional or behavioral problem. They're not just "trying to get attention." It could seriously affect their ability to learn.

The Community Conversation will include breakout sessions on warning signs, how to find help, how to work with your school, what to do about substance abuse, and more.

Online participants will be able to watch the educational videos at the event and participate in conversations about children’s mental health. The webcast also will feature the Warning Signs of Mental or Emotional Problems breakout session.

Also, online viewers can participate in the “Tell Your Story” exercise by sharing their story online at this link: http://www.1in5minds.org/stories/tell-my-story

Immediately afterward, the video will be archived and available for replay.