Webcast: Deferred Action for Parental Accountability panel discussion

Submitted by UTSACollege on January 23, 2015 - 5:26pm

Replay the video from the NOWCastSA webcast of the UTSA College of Public Policy's panel discussion on immigration reform and the Deferred Action for Parental Accountability (DAPA) program. Panelists provided information on the recent changes to DAPA and the impact they will have on current and future undocumented parents of U.S. citizens. A question and answer segment followed the discussion.

Panelists include:


The discussion was moderated by Olga Kauffman, Executive Commitee of the Reform Immigration for Texas Alliance (RITA).

The event was webcast and archived thanks to the sponsorship support of the College Of Public Policy and Methodist Healthcare Ministries of South Texas, Inc. Replay the video here:

To see more NOWCastSA coverage of immigration issues, including detailed bilingual explanations of DAPA and DACA and video of President Obama's Executive Action, go to: http://nowcastsa.com/search/node/immigration