Webcast: The impact of AVANCE's parent-child education program

REPLAY VIDEO:  This news conference from AVANCE's national headquarters highlighted the results of a study on the impact of AVANCE's parent-child education program.

AVANCE News Conference

The Intercultural Development Research Association, an independent, nonprofit organization dedicated to assuring educational opportunity for every child, conducted an external study of the impact of AVANCE Parent-Child Education Program on helping parents and children to reach their full potential and break the cycle of poverty (study available here).

The report's highlights:

  • AVANCE families’ students had a 10.5 percent high school attrition rate, compared to 33 percent for Hispanic students in Texas, and 25 percent for all students in Texas.
  • After graduating from AVANCE, the number of mothers with advance degrees more than doubled and the number of mothers with less than ahigh school education dropped 21.4 percent.
  • More mothers were employed after graduating AVANCE and they had higher incomes
  • After graduating from AVANCE, 53 percent of mothers were homeowners, compared to 22 percent before entering the program.

Thanks to the underwriting support of AVANCE, you can replay the video right here on this page.