Webcast: Learning from Madiba

Replay the video: Replay the Sept. 27 webcast "Learning from Madiba: Lessons for Theology, Spirituality and Politics," from the Whitley Center at the Oblate School of Theology.

Presented as part of the Sankofa Institute of African American Pastoral Leadership Lecture Series, the discussion be led by Allan A. Boesak, an honorary doctorate recipient of the Oblate School of Theology, who is a native of South Africa and a minister of the Dutch Reformed Church of South Africa.

Boesak's talk will explore the life and leadership of Nelson Mandela, the anti-apartheid revolutionary, philanthropist and first democratically elected president of South African, often referred to by his Xhosa clan name, Madiba. Thanks to sponsorship from the Oblate School of Theology anyone can watch the webcast right here on this page or come back later and replay it.

From the program:

"Lessons from the life and witness of Madiba are lessons that can inform our doing of theology, the way we walk with God - acting justly, loving tenderly and walking humbly with God - and our politics. As we struggle to confront contemporary issues of civil rights violations, racism, disparity of policing and voting rights disenfranchisement, this lecture challenges us to reassert our power to hope in the midst of woundedness, struggle, peacemaking and radical reconciliation."

The Christian Theological Seminary and Butler University named Boesak the Desmond Tutu Chair of Peace, Global Justice and Reconciliation Studies in 2013, after he served as a theologian and visiting professor at both institutions.

Teaser Image: Nelson Mandela graffiti by Thierry Ehrmann in the Abode of Chaos museum, France from Wikipedia

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