Webcast: Transforming Communities Through Writing

Replay Video: NOWCastSA webcast a mini-conference at Gemini Ink on July 20 where local writers, activists and artists discussed how our words can change our landscape.

In the first segment, local writers shared life-saving ideas to keep in your toolbox for any creative writing classroom. Participants were author and artist Anel I. Flores and teacher and freelance writer Xelena Gonzalez, who conducts outreach for the San Antonio Public Library. The panel was moderated by Gemini Ink Programs Director Lisa Walden, Ph.D.

In the second segment, writers discussed how a poetry festival can build a community and how performance can challenge communities to find new ways of expression. Participants were poet Ken Jones, playwright, poet and storyteller Jesús Alonzo and freelance journaliist Christine Alvarado. The discussion was moderated by Gemini Ink Executive Director Sheila Black.

In the final segment, local authors described how they approach research to make their works "must reads." Participants were freelance journalist and fiction writer Patricia Portales, Ph.D., performer and community activist Penelope Boyer, Ph.D. and author and teacher Joan Carabin, Ph.D.

You can replay video from the three sessions here:

Session one: Creativity in the Classroom

Session two: Poetry and Performance for Social Change

Session three: Capturing Local History