Webcast: Using Census Data for Grant Writing

REPLAY VIDEO: A grant writing workshop hosted by United Way of San Antonio and Bexar County and Community Information: NOW (CI:NOW), in partnership with U.S. Census Bureau, Denver Region.

This workshop will train participants on using the most relied-on source for detailed, up-to-date socio-economic statistics covering every community in Texas.

In a live computer lab setting, students will use the American Factfinder data search tool; conduct searches using the Census 2010 for population numbers/basic characteristics, and American Community Survey for social/economic characteristics such as educational attainment, income, occupation, commuting to work, poverty status, nativity and selected homeowner costs.  Special emphasis will be placed on concepts used in grant writing and social impact statements, understanding of race/ethnicity terminology and downloading data into usable formats.  CI:NOW will demonstrate the range of additional local data sets also available through www.cinow.info.

Watch live streaming video from nowcastsa at livestream.com