Wendy Davis and Leticia Van de Putte propose full-day Pre-K for Texas children

Citing San Antonio's Pre-K initiative as her inspiration, Democratic gubernatorial candidate Wendy Davis pitched her education platform calling for full-day Pre-K for all Texas children.

Davis Castro Uresti Wolff

Speaking at the library of Armando Leal Jr. Middle School in Harlandale ISD, Davis was introduced by Leticia Van de Putte, Democratic candidate for Lieutenant Governor. "It's about putting the investment in Kindergarten and Pre-K especially, to make sure our workforce is prepared," said Van de Putte, "employers are the ones that will benefit and businesses will benefit because people will have that availability of an educational level to have the living wages to buy goods and services."

San Antonio Mayor and Pre-K champion Julian Castro opened the conversation. "Every child deserves a great shot at a good education and through great Pre-K, they can get that shot," said Castro. "San Antonio is determined to have the most well prepared, best-educated four-year-olds in all of Texas."

Students who attend quality Pre-K programs are more likely to be reading at grade-level in third grade, which is "a key predictor of high school graduation and preperation for higher education" said Davis.

The second part of Davis' education platform would help teachers and school districts ensure that every child is reading at grade-level by the third grade.

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