Winners of San Antonio Low Impact Development Design Competition announced

LID design

After four months of competition, the winners of San Antonio’s first-ever Low Impact Development (LID) Design Competition organized by the San Antonio River Authority (SARA) in partnership with the San Antonio Land/Water Sustainability Forum were announced at an awards ceremony on July 10.  Three winning teams took home $15,000 for their progressive and sustainable designs.

Created with the goal of increasing the understanding of the economic, environmental, and quality of life benefits of LID within the design and development communities in San Antonio and throughout Bexar County, the competition involved three judiciously selected properties:  Hemisfair, Evers Road in Leon Valley, and Port San Antonio. Below are the winning teams (in no particular order):

Green Roadway Project: Leon Valley (Evers Road)

Team #31813: GeoSolutions, Inc., MIG, URS Corporation

Urban Redevelopment Project: Hemisfair Park (Plaza de Artes)

Team #11834: Bain Medina Bain, Fisher Heck Architects, MLA

Multi-Family Mixed-Use Redevelopment: Port San Antonio (Billy Mitchell Village)

Team #21824: Atkins; Ford, Powell, & Carson, Inc.; Rialto Studio, University of Texas – Austin

“SARA’s hope is that the LID design competition spurs an awareness of the importance of land sustainability as it relates to stormwater quality through a balance of environmental, social, and economic factors in our community. We are pleased with the participation of the property owners and each of the teams,” said Steve Graham, Assistant General Manager, SARA.

The first round of judging consisted of 80 percent of the final score and was conducted by a panel of experts, each with pertinent experience and expertise. The final round of judging took place at the July 10 awards ceremony with a VIP panel of judges consisting of community leaders and elected officials that included the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Acting Assistant Administrator for Water, Nancy Stoner. The eight finalists were on stormwater and LID-related criteria that included: the use of native or drought-tolerant, non-invasive plants; addressing maintenance requirement and costs; using LID practices to remove at least 80 percent total suspended solids; and treating the 85th percentile storm water volume, among others. In addition to the general criteria, each property sponsor also had specific criteria of their own for the teams competing in their respective category.

As a way to continue to raise awareness of the benefits of LID among the design and development community, SARA is also hosting the Low Impact Development Stormwater Best Management Practices (BMP) Technical Design Training on August 6-7 at the CPS Energy Training Facility. In this two-day workshop, attendees will learn the principles of designing and constructing stormwater best management practices.  Registration is currently open and interested parties can register online at