Written by Jeanne Albrecht on Apr 25 2022 - 4:46am
Claritycon - a two-day, in-person summit on Children’s Mental Health - will feature 50+ renowned experts exploring internal and external factors that impact the emotional, psychological and social well-being of young people.   Join country music singer/songwriter and mental health advocate Chase Bryant when he shares his searing, honest portrait of struggle and resilience after a failed suicide attempt.  
Written by Jeanne Albrecht on Mar 12 2021 - 5:25am
Clarity Child Guidance Center is the only nonprofit in South Texas providing a continuum of mental health care for children, ages 3-17, and their families.  It works with kids and their families to manage mental health conditions ranging from ADHD and anxiety to suicidal ideation, bipolar disorder and/or schizophrenia.  
Written by Edmond Ortiz on May 14 2020 - 2:24pm
The state of Texas is easing some restrictions, but the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic are deep and lasting across the community. Many residents have suffered job loss or furloughs, others have been unable to gain immediate physical or mental healthcare access. Others cannot afford to buy food or other basic necessities. But several area organizations are furnishing a variety of services to help the public. Here are a few:
Written by rudyarispe on Sep 23 2019 - 9:35am
Chosen Care has opened an additional office at Clarity Child Guidance Center as part of a strategic goal to expand its services outside of its News Braunfels office and offer services to foster and adoptive families, as well as relative caregivers, in San Antonio and Bexar County.
Written by Amanda Evrard on Jun 17 2015 - 12:21pm
Replay video from the live webcast of Claritycon 2015, Clarity Child Guidance Center's summit on children's mental health at Norris Conference Center June 18 and 19, 2015. Thanks to the support of Methodist Healthcare Ministries of South Texas, Inc, the following sessions were webcast live and available to replay any time right here on this page.