Written by rudyarispe on Apr 29 2020 - 11:55am
Joining the list of other San Antonio distilleries that are doing the same, Alamo Distilling has begun producing hand sanitizer to meet public demand for hand sanitizer, but also to generate new revenue to stay in operation during the coronavirus crisis.  “Right now, we have prioritized hand sanitizer production, but still maintain beverage products being bottled and supported,” said Noel Burns, Alamo Distilling president and co-founder. “We are committed to making these safety products needed most in our community right now.”
Written by Sen. Leticia V… on Aug 29 2013 - 5:04pm
The first day of September is near - an important day in state government. That's the day that many new laws will take effect - in fact, more than I can list here, but this is a small sampling of what's to come (plus some new laws that have already taken effect during the summer):   Education: Various parts of House Bill 5, this session's biggest public education measure, take effect at different times.