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Written by Hannah Wolf on Jun 24 2019 - 1:21pm
Replay the video below. The Interfaith Welcome Coalition (IWC), a San Antonio volunteer community supporting immigrants and refugees, welcomed Carlos Marin, the new coordinator for the Migrant Overnight Shelter. The IWC met at the First Presbyterian Church on Thursday, June 13, 2019 for a general meeting to celebrate the new coordinator of the overnight shelter program and discuss the latest in immigration news.
Written by Hannah Wolf on Jun 4 2019 - 5:45pm
The Interfaith Welcome Coalition is in need of new volunteers, especially during the evening and overnight shifts because their overnight shelter for migrants is overcrowded.
Written by Calasia_Haynes on Dec 13 2018 - 8:08pm
By Calasia Haynes and Sarah Grace Villarreal for NOWCastSA Immigrants and their advocates have much to be wary of when the Texas Legislature convenes in January, 2019.
Written by sarahgrace88 on Dec 10 2018 - 1:07pm
Text will go here Luis Figueroa talks about CPPP (Center for Public Policy Priorities)  - Discussed Policy Threats: Sancuary Cities Bill, 27Gs He answers questions at 30:30 if that’s something we want to link Announcements from Partners San Antonio Stands - Advocates for CPPP - particularly focused on sight and release Angry Abuelas and Tias (Joyce Hamilton) - From Rio Grand Valley
Written by sarahgrace88 on Nov 16 2018 - 4:26pm
Click to watch Refugees walking in Faith shot by : Rebecca Centeno - Video Journalist - Saturday morning November, 10 2018 Mexico City
Written by Jan Olsen on Jun 26 2018 - 8:26pm
Every day at the San Antonio Greyhound Bus Station and the San Antonio International Airport, you will see an amazing sight: mothers and children who have just been released from family detention centers where they were held after seeking asylum in the United States. With all their possessions in two grocery bags, they await transportation to take them to sponsors in cities across the United States. Moving among these families are volunteers from the Interfaith Welcome Coalition.
Written by CharlotteAnne Lucas on Aug 27 2017 - 8:31pm
Despite a call from Congressman Lloyd Doggett asking them not to do it, immigration officials left 50 Central American women and children stranded at the San Antonio bus station on Aug. 25, 2017 as Hurricane Harvey approached the city.
Written by JamiAlise on Mar 17 2017 - 1:38pm
RAICES provides services for women and children who have escaped horrific violence in their home countries in Central America. They have made a perilous journey to our country where they have been detained and vetted at detention centers in Dilly and Karnes and released sponsors in the U.S.
Written by JamiAlise on Mar 17 2017 - 1:18pm
The Missionary Catechists of Divine Providence are organizing a rally and prayer service in support of all immigrants and the silent majority of U.S. citizens who wish to welcome the stranger. In light of President Trump’s proposed “ban” on immigrants, and determination to build “walls” based upon prejudice and fear, we are rallying to give voice to the voiceless and make visible our opposition to such a xenophobic stance (fear of the stranger). We wish to build bridges, not walls!
Written by JamiAlise on Mar 17 2017 - 12:56pm
You are welcome to share spontaneous prayers during the vigil and/or bring a prayer or poem from your faith tradition.  Every fourth Thursday until July 2017! Find more information on their Facebook pages, peaceCENTER and Interfaith Welcome Coalition.