Written by Clayton Price on Feb 16 2015 - 11:50am
NOWCastSA created an interactive graphic that shows 11 of the most common regulations on vehicles for hire in San Antonio and lets you compare them by industry. The interactive graphic lets you see how the new regulations for Transportation Network Companies (TNCs) Uber and Lyft compare to existing regulations for the city’s other industries such as taxis, pedicabs and limousines.
Written by Heather DiMasi on Feb 18 2010 - 3:56pm
Head over to the Pedicab Bar and Grill in Southtown for a political networking mixer featuring TheFBM, Blog The Vote, ReadWriteUnite, The San Antonio Coffee Party and much more. Party starts at 8 p.m. Just a heads-up -- there may even be members of the San Antonio Tea Party attending this mixer. This would be a perfect opportunity for us to sit down and discuss the issues in a more civilized way. Additionally, if you represent an organization that focuses on social activism, then please come and participate in this event.