Written by urban15 on Jan 12 2023 - 3:13pm
Guidelines for consideration in The 2023 Mega Corazon Poetry Festival: 
Written by CharlotteAnne Lucas on May 4 2018 - 2:03pm
For the first time since the San Antonio Public Library’s  Young Pegasus Poetry Competition began in 1927, NOWCastSA webcast the event live on Sunday, May 6 at 2 p.m. from the Guadalupe Theater. Thanks to support from the San Antonio Public Library and the San Antonio Public Library Foundation, anyone can watch live or replay it for free right here on this page.
Written by CharlotteAnne Lucas on Feb 23 2018 - 3:31pm
Replay video of the National Latino Children's Literature Conference during which San Antonio Mayor Ron Nirenberg and his wife, Erika Prosper, delivered dual keynote remarks in English and in Spanish as part of the international Campoy-Ada Awards ceremony.
Written by CharlotteAnne Lucas on Aug 24 2017 - 9:48am
Trinity University students, faculty and local residents gathered for a Solidarity Vigil on Aug. 21, 2017  near Miller Fountain on the campus to show support for people affected by Charlottesville and other recent events. The gathering, organized by the Trinity University Humanities Collective, was also to show "ongoing commitment to the humanistic combination of scholarship with allyship and advocacy."
Written by CharlotteAnne Lucas on Dec 30 2016 - 6:32pm
These are the top 12 stories of  2016 curated by NOWCastSA Managing Director Charlotte-Anne Lucas: 
Written by B Kay Richter on Nov 4 2016 - 2:58pm
BlackBox Music and Arts is a studio on the far West side where young and old can receive instruction in fields ranging from vocal and instrumental music, acting, dance, the fine arts, to even yoga. And spoken word. In other words, as some would call it, poetry.
Written by Mario Salas on Oct 23 2016 - 8:52pm
A historic project is underway across the country, and in San Antonio, as veterans of the Student National Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC) meet to organize projects and programs that seek to educate the nation. The project in San Antonio will attempt to reach out to young activists in the Black Lives Matter Movement in the form of two events; a poetry reading and a workshop designed to train people on what to do when stopped by the police.
Written by CarissaRosalie on Aug 11 2016 - 12:36pm
How would you respond to sexual assault? For one San Antonio creative writer, there was only one satisfying response. Little did she know, this response would carry a message of hope to thousands of sexual assault survivors and their supporters across the city. Amalia Ortiz founded “Women of Ill Repute: Refute” in 1999 in response to a recent sexual assault at the hands of an acquaintance.
Written by Elizabeth Rodriguez on Jul 26 2016 - 5:18pm
As I walk into the Guadalupe Theater on a Wednesday evening, there is a familiar laughter resembling a family reunion. But this is not the kind of reunion where one has to make small talk with kooky great-uncles or the distant cousins that are barely known. No. This is more of a family reunion of kindred souls—a reunion of creatives: a place where one can meet writers who give warm hugs and loving “hellos.”
Written by J.T. on Apr 25 2016 - 6:33pm
This week: Harriet Tubman; Love Poems to San Antonio; what propelled Rey Saldaña from South San to Stanford and Henry B. Gonzalez' Centennial tribute. Who is Harriet Tubman and why is she going on the 20 dollar bill?