Written by BexarCounty on Mar 30 2021 - 1:34pm
Written by Rebecca Espinoza on Mar 25 2021 - 12:47pm
On Saturday, March 27, 2021, from 12:00pm to 5:00pm, there will be a "get out to vote" voters registration drive taking place at the Denver Heights Community Center located at 300 Porter Street, San Antonio, Texas. Anyone who has not yet registered to vote is encouraged to please stop by the Denver Heights Community Center to register. Should anyone have any additional questions concerning this wonderful event, contact Rose Williams at 210-332-7298 or by email at rswilliams31@gmail.com
Written by Cynthia Spielman on Mar 22 2021 - 11:42pm
In efforts to maintain some sense of normalcy and to increase community engagement through these challenging times, several organizations, ad hoc groups, clubs, etc, have been working hard to create events many of us can participate in! I hope you have open time on your calendar and can join us for this event. T1NC presents Zoning In Your Neighborhood. Register in advance for this Saturday, March 27 Zoom webinar.
Written by Kelley Shannon on Mar 19 2021 - 12:38am
With state lawmakers immersed in the COVID-19 pandemic response and Texas’ electricity failures, the public’s access to information must be at the forefront of the Legislature’s actions. Information allows citizens to watch over their government, to speak out and to ask questions. There’s no better time than Sunshine Week, which began on March 14, to emphasize the importance of the people’s right to know.
Written by CharlotteAnne Lucas on Mar 3 2021 - 3:34pm
San Antonio's landmark Woolworth Building and its civil rights legacy will be preserved, along with a public civic space, under a new plan for the Alamo Plaza, Mayor Ron Nirenberg said. His pledge came after he replaced Councilman Roberto Treviño as Tri-Chair of the Alamo Citizens Advisory Committee and on the Alamo Management Committee with Councilwoman Rebecca Viagran, and added two Black champions of civil rights history to the Advisory Committee. 
Written by CharlotteAnne Lucas on Jan 20 2021 - 6:39pm
Watch video of the inaugural address of President Joseph R. Biden on Jan. 20, 2021: This is the full text of President Biden's inaugural address: Chief Justice Roberts, Vice President Harris, Speaker Pelosi, Leader Schumer, Leader McConnell, Vice President Pence, distinguished guests, and my fellow Americans. This is America’s day.
Written by CharlotteAnne Lucas on Jan 20 2021 - 5:37pm
Amanda Gorman delivered her poem "The Hill We Climb" at the Jan. 20, 2021 inauguration of President Joe Biden. Gorman, 22, a Los Angeles native, wore a ring with a caged bird, a gift from Oprah Winfrey for the occasion to symbolize the beloved poet Maya Angelou, who also was an inaugural poet. (Read more about the nation's first Youth Poet Laureate in this article in Vogue magazine.)