Written by Rudy Arispe on Mar 6 2013 - 11:28am
SA Youth honored Rosemary Kowalski of The RK Group, Doug and Cindy Niznik of Niznik Concrete Contractors and Rackspace Hosting for their contributions to the community. The three individuals and one corporation were recognized during the 2013 Briscoe Friends of Youth Awards luncheon March 5 at The Pearl Stable. 
Written by CharlotteAnne Lucas on Apr 5 2012 - 11:02am
On December 6, 2011, students and community members gathered at Lanier High School for a tamalada. Together, the community prepared 17,106 tamales weighing in at 2,420 pounds in only 10 hours. "It's the bringing of people together that makes a tamalada, a tamalada," San Antonio Independent School District 5 Trustee Patti Radle said during an assembly on April 3.
Written by abnaz on Mar 14 2012 - 11:29am
Girls Inc. will hold its 6th annual science event, Girls Rockit Into the Future: A Science Festival for Girls on Saturday, March 31, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at Rackspace Hosting, located at 5000 Walzem. The event, whose biggest sponsor is Rackspace, is free and open to girls and boys of all ages. NOWCastSA will be helping youngsters from Girls Inc produce video and livestream the event from mobile phones. You can watch and participate online.
Written by CharlotteAnne Lucas on Jan 19 2012 - 9:22am
You know that annoying "SOPA" Internet protest on Jan. 18 that blacked out everything from Wikipedia to LOLCats?Why should you care?The so-called "Stop Internet Piracy Act" is about as close to your life as the screen where you're reading this article.As written, SOPA could let someone try to blacklist NOWCastSA for daring to webcast the part of a Fiesta parade where the high school band plays "Seventy-six Trombones."