Written by Denise Guerra on Oct 11 2021 - 11:36am
TAME (Texas Alliance for Minorities in Engineering) club offers family STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) events that provide students and families a chance to find out about STEM classes, summer camps, after-school programs, and scholarships. TAME also offers a robotics competition program for grades 6-12. There is no cost for registering for a TAME club in K-12 schools.
Written by Denise Guerra on Oct 11 2021 - 11:30am
The San Antonio Texas Pre-Freshmen Engineering program has released the LCATS (Lunar Caves Analog Test Sites) registration deadline for K-12 schools for the 2021-2022 year. The San Antonio Texas Pre-Freshmen Engineering program is an academic enrichment summer program offered to middle and high school students interested in pursuing STEM based careers.
Written by BexarCounty on Jun 24 2020 - 3:21pm
In order to help the businesses community comply with Bexar County Executive Order NW-10, issued by County Judge Nelson Wolff, which mandates that all businesses develop a Health and Safety Plan, which includes requiring their customers to wear a facial covering while visiting their establishment, Bexar County will begin to distribute 1 million masks to local businesses. 
Written by City of San Antonio on Apr 26 2013 - 11:37am
Parents and guardians interested in enrolling their children in the inaugural class of the City of San Antonio’s Pre-K 4 SA program are invited to attend a series of pre-enrollment events beginning Wednesday, May 1, through Thursday, May 9, at 11 convenient locations throughout the city. 
Written by cwheat on Aug 6 2012 - 11:33am
Dare to Dodge? Register for San Antonio Sports’ Duck ‘N Dodge City Dodgeball Tournament.
Written by Amanda Evrard on Apr 10 2012 - 12:54pm
Citizens must register to vote by Thursday April 12 to be eligible to cast a ballot in the City of San Antonio’s May 12, 2012 Bond and Charter Amendment Election.    You can find voter registration forms in public libraries, government offices and high schools, or you can print the form online. If your registration is postmarked April 12 or earlier, you’ll be eligible to vote on May 12 (send complete registration cards to Voter Registration Office, 203 W. Nueva Suite 3.61, San Antonio, TX 78207).