Written by Texas Tribune on Aug 25 2022 - 10:17am
By Eleanor Klibanoff, The Texas Tribune Aug. 25, 2022 Performing an abortion is now a felony punishable by up to life in prison in Texas after the state’s trigger law, which has only narrow exceptions to save the life of a pregnant patient, went into effect Thursday.
Written by Sofia Briones on Aug 15 2022 - 1:03pm
  By Cecilia Lenzen, The Texas Tribune Aug. 12, 2022
Written by Texas Tribune on Aug 5 2022 - 9:59am
By Eleanor Klibanoff, The Texas Tribune May 9, 2022 With a near-total abortion ban looming in Texas, advocates and experts say the state’s support systems for low-income mothers and children are already insufficient — and won’t easily bear an increase in need.
Written by Texas Tribune on Aug 4 2022 - 2:49pm
By Alexa Ura and Greta Díaz González Vázquez, The Texas Tribune MONTERREY, Mexico — Hi, I’m four weeks pregnant. Eight weeks. Six weeks.
Written by Texas Tribune on Aug 4 2022 - 9:54am
By Greta Díaz González Vázquez and Alexa Ura, The Texas Tribune The Texas Tribune’s reporting for this story was supported by the Pulitzer Center. Para escuchar esta historia en español, haz clic aquí.
Written by Texas Tribune on Jul 25 2022 - 12:20pm
By Eleanor Klibanoff, The Texas Tribune A young woman and her mother are nervously driving through the night when they’re pulled over by law enforcement. Flashlights in their faces, the women are questioned about whether they’re heading for the border and whether the young woman might be pregnant, before being pulled out of the car.
Written by Sofia Briones on Jul 15 2022 - 7:06pm
NOWCastSA created this resource page after the US Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade and abortion access was limited in the state of Texas. Check this list of reproductive health resources to find the support and help you need, as well as to find out how to help others and learn more about abortion and birth control.
Written by Texas Tribune on Jul 14 2022 - 11:10am
By Reese Oxner, The Texas Tribune Texas is suing the Biden administration over guidance released Monday telling the nation’s doctors they’re protected by federal law to terminate a pregnancy as part of emergency treatment — and threatening to defund hospitals that don’t perform these procedures.
Written by The 19th on Jul 11 2022 - 11:39am
Originally published by The 19th Whole Woman’s Health announced plans to close its four Texas abortion clinics and open one in neighboring New Mexico.  CHOICES, based in Memphis, Tennessee, is opening a clinic in Carbondale, Illinois, the closest state expected to protect abortion rights. 
Written by Texas Tribune on Jul 6 2022 - 4:33pm
By Patrick Svitek, The Texas Tribune A school shooting in Uvalde that left 19 children and two teachers dead. The end of a nearly 50-year-old constitutional right to an abortion.