Webcast: City Council District 6 runoff candidates field questions in forum

Runoff candidates for District 6, Melissa Cabello Havrda and Andy Greene, took questions from the online and in-person audience in a forum moderated by the League of Women Voters of the San Antonio Area on May 22, 2019 at the San Antonio Food Bank.

The candidates differed In response to a question about District 6 budget priorities.

Greene placed heavy attention on the area’s roads, and sidewalks, infrastructure, reducing waste in departments, and lowering tax rates to fund the budget. “We’ve been on the short end of the budget many times… We need to lower that tax rate to offset those increases to property appraisal values so that the city can still function.” Jump to Greene’s answer in the video by clicking here.

Havrda also wanted to improve roads and sidewalks, but focused on District 6’s drainage systems. “Streets, drainage is a big issue, sidewalks, lighting. That’s gotta be the number one budget priority… It’s my professional job to fight and advocate for my clients, and that’s what I want to do for District 6, is to go in and fight for more money to get these infrastructure improvements.” Jump to Havrda’s answer in the video by clicking here.

Viewers could ask questions in person or in the online chat on the YouTube livestream.

YouTube users “urban ecology” and Fred Fisher were frequent contributors to the online conversation.

Jump to spot in the video where the candidates answer the question, “Would either of you support a moratorium on out of district charter schools?” 

Jump to the spot int he video where the candidates answer the question, “Would either of the candidates support the Vista Ridge resolution for an audit?”

Voting in the runoff election for the City of San Antonio is from May 28 to June 4. June 8 is the Election Day.

Watch the full forum below, or click on a question below to jump to how the candidates responded:

What groups and organizations have you dedicated your time and energy to in District 6?
Recently, the current mayor and city council turned down the opportunity to place a bid for San Antonio to host the Republican National Convention. Do you agree with this?
What are your thoughts on the need to reduce property taxes, the rising appraisals of property in the area?
How will you support and communicate with HOAs in your district?
What are your budget priorities for District 6?
Do you support the community climate goals, shutting down the coal plants by 2025, no electricity generated by coal by 2030, and net zero by 2040?
Would you support sending support for a legislative agenda that includes rent control?
Do you support separated bike lanes that include a physical barrier?
Do you support ConnectSA that includes rapid transit? If so, do you support it running on electricity?
Would you support a moratorium on out-of-district charter schools?
Would you support a resolution for an audit of Vista Ridge?
Would you support a declaration of a housing crisis, being that we are a fast-growing metro area and the neighborhood has the metrics for the highest gentrification in the US?
What would you suggest for a solution to having property taxes rise so rapidly in a gentrifying area for people who have lived in that area for a long time?
Would you commit to doing participatory budgeting or discretionary funding for safety and mobility in the district?
Would you support an electable board for CPS Energy?
Would you be for or against Senate bill 1806 that would allow SAWS to sell Edwards Aquifer water to others?
What do you see as the main public safety issues in the district? How would you address them?
What do you think is the city’s role to ensure that San Antonio residents are receiving the proper education to compete for high-skill positions coming to the city?
What are your top priorities as a councilmember?
It takes six votes to pass a council item. How will you build collaboration?
Do you support paid sick leave?
Do you support cite and release?