Report Cites Increase in Alcohol-Related Crashes During Fiesta Over Past 7 Years

Submitted by rudyarispe on April 6, 2019 - 11:52am

During Fiesta San Antonio from 2012-2018, there was a nearly 20 percent increase in alcohol-related crashes in Bexar County and a 41 percent increase in resulting injuries, a study has found.

The study, “Alcohol-Involved Crashes During Fiesta San Antonio,” was commissioned by Hill Law Firm to call attention to drunk driving that occurs during the Alamo City’s biggest celebration of the year – and to encourage Fiesta revelers to avoid driving while intoxicated.

“We feel that bringing awareness to a problem is the biggest step towards a solution. We want everyone, whether they are a local or a visitor, to enjoy Fiesta San Antonio – but to do it safely,” said San Antonio attorney Justin Hill of Hill Law Firm.

Through research by 1Point21 Interactive, seven years of Texas Department of Transportation crash data (2012-2018) was analyzed to identify every alcohol-related motor vehicle crash in Bexar County during each year’s Fiesta. Over this 84 day period, there were 595 crashes where alcohol was a factor, leading to 348 injuries and 13 deaths.

“We found that during Fiesta there was a significant increase in drunk driving and injuries related to drunk driving crashes,” Hill said.

The study also notes that although the downtown area had a high concentration of crashes (23), the San Antonio International Airport Vicinity had the most, with 43, followed by South Central with 24. As is typical for alcohol-related crashes in general, crashes and injuries during Fiesta San Antonio peak in the late night, early morning period.

In addition, an interactive map includes every alcohol involved car crash that has occurred in Bexar County during Fiesta San Antonio from 2012-2018.

“I love Fiesta. I attend as many events as I can. I was curious to know how we did as a city when it comes to drinking and driving during Fiesta,” said Hill, who is also an advisory board member of Mothers Against Drunk Driving. “My hope is that this study will help people to think twice and plan ahead.”

For those planning to enjoy this year’s Fiesta San Antonio, Hill Law Firm offers these safety tips.

  1. Designate a driver or secure a safe ride home.
  2. Watch your alcohol intake and that of those in your group.
  3. Take keys from friends attempting to drive drunk.
  4. Be vigilant as a pedestrian or motorist, especially later in the evening and early morning.
  5. Always wear your seatbelt – every single time.


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