Webcast: The Cosmic Mass, Our Sacred Earth

Join NOWCastSA on April 28 at 7 p.m. right on this page for a live webcast of the first Cosmic Mass in San Antonio with Rev. Dr. Matthew Fox.

You can attend the event in person at the Whitley Theological Center by clicking here to buy a  ticket from co-host Celebration Circle. This production of the Cosmic Mass in San Antonio is being sponsored by a coalition of local environmental groups and faith-based non-profit organizations, including Celebration Circle, Compassionate San Antonio, Green19, the peaceCENTER, and the SOL Center along with the Order of the Sacred Earth.

The theme is "Our Sacred Earth," celebrating "our common joy, grief, creativity, and the strength needed in order to be spiritual warriors in service of our planet and people."

Organizers describe the Cosmic Mass as a "participatory experience with live music, dancing, meditation, and ritual to create individual transformation and community healing. It guides participants through a series of processes that awaken a cosmic sense and create a sacred space connecting community, Earth, and the cosmos."

The dynamic event is described as "equal parts Electronic Dance Rave, sacred ritual, and an urgent call for re-examining our personal and communal relationships to the Earth in the face of global climate change."

If this experience is meaningful for you, please support this work by donating to NOWCastSA here.