Interfaith Welcome Coalition seeks new volunteers for evening and overnight shifts

The Interfaith Welcome Coalition is in need of new volunteers, especially during the evening and overnight shifts because their overnight shelter for migrants is overcrowded.

The Interfaith Welcome Coalition was founded in 2014 to help at-risk migrants, asylum seekers, and refugees transition to life in America. Many immigrants are dropped off at the Greyhound bus station in San Antonio with few or no resources, so the Interfaith Welcome Coalition provides basic support to help them on their journey to sponsors and families in other cities.

The most recent update from the IWC’s email list called for new volunteers:

“Are you WOKE? Do you do your part volunteering for the migrant causes you care about? This is the perfect opportunity! You are already staying up all night...stay up and help asylum-seekers as they rest for the remainder of their journey home! There are evening and overnight which are in desperate need of volunteers! You can be helping out so many people!”

You can sign up to volunteer at this link.

If you are interested in supporting the IWC but cannot offer time, the organization also has a donation link here. Donors may choose from three charities to apply their donation: the Travel Benevolence Fund, the Backpack Ministry, or the Kelly Allen Vision Fund.

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