Webcast: COPS/Metro Candidate Accountability Assembly





Replay video from the Candidate Accountability Assembly hosted by Communities Organized for Public Service and Metro Alliance (COPS/Metro)  on April 7, 2019 at St. Patrick's Catholic Church. Watch the webcast here.

San Antonians from an array of congregations, schools, and unions came together to hold local municipal candidates accountable on some of the biggest issues the city is faces: affordable housing, economic security, immigration, and education.  

Mayor Ron Nirenberg and his challenger Councilman Greg Brockhouse attended, along with candidates from all city council districts.

COPS/Metro has been focusing its efforts recently on spearheading support for displacement prevention programs to help vulnerable neighborhoods maintain their integrity and assist people who are being forced out of their neighborhoods due to increasing rent or property taxes.

Thanks to sponsorship from COPS/Metro, and Nelco Media Inc, anyone can watch live or replay the session later for free, right on this page:

On March 20, Archbishop Gustavo García-Siller stood with hundreds of COPS/Metro leaders to address City Council and call for immediate action to help people being displaced throughout the city.

Watch video of that event here:

In a news release, COPS/Metro organizers said they have been working with city officials to focus on: protecting legacy homeowners from rising property taxes in designated “empowerment zones,” owner-occupied home rehabilitation investment funds, and supporting “housing navigators” who help homeowners apply for homestead and other tax exemptions.

Linda Davila, a COPS/Metro leader from St. Timothy Catholic Church, said in a news release, “We are very pleased that (the) City did hear us loud and clear, and they see the urgency in helping our communities with preventing displacement.”