DANA: Dellview Area Neighborhood May Events


DANA Public Meeting May 12, 2011

Dellview Area Neighborhood Association (DANA) invites the public to hear two guest speakers at its meeting at the Granados Adult Center at 500 Freiling on May 12 at 6:30 PM. DANA holds meeting every other month with refreshments and avenues for participation. It only takes $12 a year to join DANA, and those interested can call 1-866-616 (DANA) 3262 for more details.


The first is Lisa McKenzie, who heads the BOG Program (Bush over Graffiti), to tell the neighborhood about the program (DANA missed the May 2011 grant deadline). Four projects will be awarded $500 in free latex paint to be used to create and apply a paint-brush mural to a chronically tagged wall or surface. Applications along with an Essay for the Brush Over Graffiti (BOG) Project will be announced Friday, May 13, 2011 at noon.

The second speaker is Gary Edenburn, who will provide specific details on how neighborhoods can achieve a Neighborhood Conservation District distinction. Neighborhoods that achieve the distinction are worthy of preservation and protection, but may lack sufficient historical, architectural or cultural significance to be designated as historic districts. As a matter of public policy, the City Council aims to preserve, protect, enhance, and perpetuate the value of these residential neighborhoods or commercial districts through the establishment of Neighborhood Conservation Districts, which aptly describes the Dellview neighborhood and its associated commercial district.

DELLVIEW AT THE MOVIES - May 21Don’t forget to mark your calendar Saturday, May 21, 2011: Dellview at the Movies. Enjoy MEGAMIND, bring you lawn chairs early at 6:30 PM and watch the TANKO San Antonio Kite Club perform a demonstration on fast flyers!! Free kite kits will be given out to the first 50 children. Community movies from local San Antonio film makers will start off the evening’s presentation. Dellview at the Movies is co-sponsored by Grande Communications.

Refreshment will be served. Granados Adult Community Center, located at 500 Freiling, or call 1-866-616 (DANA) 3262 for more details.

For more information visit the DANA web site: http://www.dellviewarea.org/ or contact Nancy Howard nancy.howard@experis.com