MujerArtes Summer Sale


Join MujerArtes Women’s Clay Cooperative for a summer inventory sale from Monday, July 15, 2019 to Saturday, July 20, 2019. The women have been busy creating and we have many pieces that need homes. At MujerArtes, you’ll find all sorts of clay creations from jewelry, mugs to sculptures and much more! Each clay piece is unique and they will make wonderful gifts! This great event will be held at the MujerArtes Studio at 816 S. Colorado Street, San Antonio, TX 78207.

Free + open to the public Sale Hours: Monday - Saturday | 9am-4pm Closed Sundays

About MujerArtes Cooperativa de Esperanza
MujerArtes Women’s Clay Cooperative started in 1995 and operated out of a house in San Antonio’s Westside. For 24 years, the Esperanza Peace & Justice Center's women’s clay cooperative has facilitated the cultural grounding of low-income women in San Antonio’s Westside through clay workshops 5 days a week and over 5 exhibits annually. We have witnessed the growth of women, many of whom have never received formal artistic training, resulting in a diverse group of talented and accomplished artists. MujerArtes draws hundreds of visitors to their exhibits and studio each year, holding exhibits at their studio in the Westside, Esperanza gallery and community venues that include art fairs, schools, and libraries throughout the city. Annual exhibits include Peace Market, Mother’s Day, Día de la Virgen, Dia de los Muertos, and others. At the MujerArtes studio the women, with the guidance of experienced ceramicists, shape the clay into historic snapshots of their lives as workers, heads of households and marginalized women in a country where they have always had to struggle. International artists/cooperatives Irene Aguilar, Enedina Vasquez, Taller Leñateros and Domitila Dominguez have been invited in the past for annual cultural exchanges. Through cooperative efforts, the women create an environment where each woman is a teacher and student by way of their creativity and cultural experiences.