San Antonio's 2012-2017 Bond Program information


On May, 12, 2012, San Antonio citizens approved a $596 million bond package that includes 140 projects to improve sidewalks, streets, bridges, parks, drainage facilities and community initiatives.

On this map, each point represents one of the projects. The blue points are numbered by council district and the white points are projects labeled "citywide." Click on a point to pull up information about the project.

We're using this map to create an interactive, multimedia archive of information, with stories, video, photos and audio from community volunteers and from journalists at area colleges and universities and various media organizations. 

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San Antonio bonds Map

Below are some photos NOWCastSA has gathered from many of the city's proposed project sites. You can help us connect more pictures and information to the projects. If you already have photos or would like to help, please email with the subject line "Bond Project Photos."

NOWCastSA webcast  the public hearing process that led to this point, and you can replay the video from all of those hearings by going to this page.